Financial Education

knowledge is power

It’s no secret that having the skills to manage money is critical to a successful financial future. PCU Student Credit Union is hosting a series of personal finance classes exclusively for Tartan Students to take a deep dive into the basic building blocks of personal finance.

learn and earn $100

Students who complete the 4-part series and pass the I’M FINANCIALLY READY exam will earn $100.00 Cash Stipend

Course guidelines

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February 4 3:00pm
Tartan DECA Classroom

Introduction to credit unions, managing life’s expenses, wants vs. needs, checking accounts
and more


February 11 3:00pm
Tartan DECA Classroom

Be prepared for your future by having an emergency savings, learning the importance of saving for retirement and beyond.


February 18 3:00pm
Tartan DECA Classroom

Learn the basics of what credit is, how to establish and manage a good credit rating and the impact
of ‘less than ideal’ credit.

Remote Banking

February 25 3:00pm
Tartan DECA Classroom

Learn how to access and manage your money with technology like online and mobile banking.