Fannie Mae Escalation Assistance

Postal Credit Union - Fannie Mae Mortgage Escalation Assistance

If you feel PCU has incorrectly interpreted your Fannie Mae mortgage modification request, there is a process in place to escalate your request.  Here are the steps to take to escalate your request for an additional review and what to expect during that process.

Process Overview: 

Step 1 - Escalate your previously reviewed Fannie Mae modification request to the Servicing Supervisor

Work directly through PCU’s servicing department.  If that does not resolve your concern, elevate your request to the Servicing Supervisor, Crystal Currier (651)773-2972 or (800) 247-0857 ext 2972. If your concern has still not been resolved and you want to dispute the previous decisions, your request can be elevated to the level of an “Escalated Case,” which include:

  • allegations that PCU did not properly review your foreclosure prevention alternative(s) according to Fannie Mae guidelines
  • allegations you were inappropriately denied a foreclosure alternative
  • allegations of fraudulent servicing practices
  • initiation or continuance of foreclosure actions in violation of Fannie Mae guidelines

Step 2 - Contact the Escalation Manager

If escalating your concern to the Servicing Supervisor did not resolve your concern, escalate your concern to the following escalation manager:

Kelly Johnson
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(800) 247-0857 ext 8927

What to expect next
Initial Contact – Borrower contacts PCU regarding concern and wishes to escalate

  • 5 Days – PCU has 5 business days to acknowledge your Escalation in writing
  • 30 Days – PCU has 30 calendar days to resolve Escalated inquiry
  • 10 Days – PCU has 10 days to notify borrower of resolution and next steps