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Saving money is always smart, and PCU offers a complete array of smart ways to save.

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Share Savings

Regular savings accounts are called Share Savings at a credit union, but they work the same way. The minimum opening deposit is $1 which is your share or membership. This makes credit unions different than banks. This interest bearing account is a great place to keep an emergency fund or other money you need easy access to.

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Reserve savings accounts

Are you saving for a specific cause like a vacation, wedding, or just a regular emergency fund? Custom name your reserve savings account to whatever special saving purpose you have in mind. It acts as an adidtional saving account to your Share Savings. You are able to set up automatic transfers from other accounts to fund this and meet your savings goal. Also, PCU offers Vacation and Holiday Savings accounts to set aside extra dollars for these purposes.

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Premium Money Market

Looking to earn money market rates while maintaining liquidity and safety? This account offers the best of both worlds. As your balance grows, you'll earn a higher yield on your dollars you work so hard to save. The interest rate is adjusted and compounded monthly to maximize your earnings. Premium IRA Money Market accounts are also available.

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