The Credit Union difference really pays.

Whether you're looking for better rates, fewer fees, or a safe place to keep your money, PCU has an account for you and a full range of products and services designed specifically to meet your unique needs

Better rates
On average, bank savings accounts earn less interest and banks charge higher interest rates on loans. Not true at PCU. While other financial institutions have cut back on interest paid to customers in order to maintain profit margins for stockholders, PCU's shareholders are our members, so both member and organizational interests are aligned, empowering PCU to keep deposit rates and loan rates extremely competitive for you, the owner-member.

Pay less
Another way for banks and other types of financial institutions to maintain or increase their profit margins is to generate more fee income (specifically by eliminating Free Checking and charging their customers more and more fees.) These fees generate revenue for the institution so that it can continue to make payments to stockholders. PCU is different. Since our members are the credit union's shareholders, we limit our fees to only those that are a necessity for the continued operation of your credit union. Another reason to use PCU.

A safe choice
PCU also takes extra precautions with your money. You can rest assured knowing that your deposits are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). This secures PCU's position as one of the safest institutions in the country for you to save your money.