Commit to Saving

Hey America – it’s time to SAVE!

As a financial cooperative (different from our bank counterparts), PCU is committed to the financial empowerment of our members. Here is an action plan to get your savings and spending goals in check thnks to some great information from America Saves.

7 Day Savings Action Plan

Monday Take the savings pledge

Take the pledge and tell someone about it to be held accountable. Then follow PCU on Facebook for good tips & how-tos for good saving. 

Tuesday Reduce debts & build wealth

Use PCU's Savvy Money Online tool to create a plan to pay down debt and save more. It's completely anonymous and customizable.

Wednesday Cut costs from daily living Read 5 easy ways to cut costs
Thursday Stash some of your tax refund Getting a refund? That's the PERFECT time to pay down debt and start an emergency cash fund. Open a PCU reserve savings, name it EMERGENCY and stash it away.
Friday Save automatically Set up a portion of your paycheck to AUTOMATICALLY go into a PCU Savings account. Set up regular transfers to your PCU accounts right in Online Banking
Saturday Save for retirement
Who really wants to work forever? No one! Get on track with the help of a professional. Use Lisa Blevens, our retirement planning Obi Wan Kan Obe
Sunday Loan interest rate check up Are you paying rates that are too high? Check out PCU’s mortgage, auto, boat, and credit card rates and see if it’s time to refinance existing accounts and loans to lower rates and save money each month. Apply to refi a rate from another financial