Why is a checking account still called a checking account?

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Are cute checks with puppies, leather checkbook covers and check registers a thing of the past? It may be the direction we’re headed considering many retailers and restaurants post signage that states “Checks not accepted.” So the question is, why do we still call it a checking account?

More and more when opening a new checking account (air quotes), the member doesn’t order checks due to the convenient access to funds via a debit card, which fits much nicer in a wallet than cute puppy checks with nice leather checkbook cover. With the ability to monitor your account at any given time through online and mobile banking and alert functionalities, the checkbook register is all but obsolete.

Most folks use their ‘checking account’ to spend and transact on a regular basis. On average, over 500,000 transactions cleared through PCU Checking accounts each month in 2013 with debit card transactions out numbering checks 4:1.

Moment of truth: have you recently looked down your nose at the person in front of you at the grocery store who wrote a check for their purchase? And they better not be in the express checkout…

Checks aren’t completely dead; ask any parent with kids in school. But maybe a ‘transaction’ or ‘debit’ account is a more fitting name.

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